15 – Tips to Save Your Car from the Summer Heat

There’s no denying your vehicle needs special love and attention in the wintertime. But hey! Summer is no season to just relax and take it easy when it comes to keeping your car in the best shape either!

Not only does the summer sun make your car hot inside, but it can also cause a funky smell to appear. To solve this stinky problem, tape a dryer sheet onto the air conditioning vents. This is just one example of a simple but super effective summer problem solution.

1-Dry All The Damp Areas


Drivers rarely care too much about moisture getting inside the car. but that a big mistake! say the floors are damp under the mat, mold can quickly start to form in the warm summer months. be sure to dry all the damp areas to prevent fungus growth from ruining the inside of your car. do the same before winter hits so that ice doesn’t form in wet spots

2- Keep the steering wheel cool


2 I’m sure you know that feeling when you park your car in the sun for a while and once you come back, the steering wheel is as hot as a frying pan! So to keep it from frying your fingers, turn wheel 180 degrees before you leave the car. This way, the side you’ll touch will stay down in the shade

Don’t let the Gear lever overheat


what about the scorching gear lever? Easy: Just put an insulated drink sleeve over it, and you’re good. if you don’t have one of those, you can just spray it with some water to cool it down. the same trick works for burning hot seatbelt buckles!