12 Foods That Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Potassium is an essential mineral component responsible for the regulation of the heartbeat and water in the body. Also, it plays a key role in the maintenance of the normal blood pressure level. It is acquired through the consumption of fruits and food rich in potassium. The high potassium supplements are also good sources of this vital mineral component.

The intake of low potassium foods is a major cause of ailments such as the Edema. This mineral is administered for such treatment by activating the body enzymes that are responsible for the normal muscle function. You should consult professional guidance from a doctor who will address the following concerns.

  • The amount of potassium that you should take daily
  • The vitamin level contained in potassium
  • Where you can get potassium

In most cases, potassium deficiency signs go unnoticed. Below are the common signs that are related to the deficiency. Should you experience these symptoms, seek professional medical attention.

1. Extreme fatigue and headache :

Every cell in the human body needs the right amount of this mineral. a feeling of constant tiredness or weakness and If a person starts to feel exhausted by enough sleep, it’s possible the body doesn’t receive the right amount of potassium in the diet. you should consult a doctor to get more healthcare informatics if this symptom occurs.

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